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Here Are 14 Superb Google Services You Perhaps Missed!

Google has services that can take you into space and others that can skyrocket your businesses!   
Google is a billion dollar company that has developed more than its share of services. While popular services like Analytics, Search and many others are well known to even the least tech savvy users, there are many Google services that are equally useful but much lesser known.

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1. Google Ngram Viewer

Want to search keywords in over 500,000 books? The Google Ngram Viewer is what you need. It is useful especially when you can't remember a book, but remember excerpts from it.

2. Google Correlate

We all use Google Search, but in order to start a business, especially an online enterprise, one needs to know what others are searching for. Google Correlate allows you to view search trends over time. It is part of Google Trends.

3. Google Trends

As is evident from the name, this one allows you to find search trends on Google. You can find out popular searches etc.

4. Google Think Insights

This one is very useful if you're starting a business. It brings you case studies and many other pieces of useful information that can help you with your enterprise.

5. Google Public Data Explorer

This tool allows you to search through public databases from around the world and find information that you need. There are also graphs to help you with the searches.

6. Full Value of Mobile

While a mobile site is more or less essential for almost every enterprise nowadays, this tool from Google tells you just how important it is. It is a calculator that tells you how much your audience uses mobiles for your website and how important a mobile site is.

7. Get Your Business Online

This one helps local small businesses in America to bring their trade online and optimise their profits.

8. Webmaster Tools

As the name suggests, this is a tool for webmasters, who can use it to monitor their website's traffic and health.

9. Schemer

This is a tool that plans your to-do list for a particular area that you are in. It is useful for people travelling to new places.

10. Google Fonts

This is a variety of open source web fonts that can be used by anyone for private or commercial use.

11. Google Developers

This is actually one of the more known services from Google. It is a developer's heaven.

12. Dart

While it hasn't done so yet, Dart is a programming language that was meant to replace JavaScript in order to build web apps. It was developed by Google.

13. Google Keep

This is an app that connects your Google Drive to all your devices and helps manage various items.

14. Google Sky

Along with Google Earth and Google Moon, this is part of Google's space initiatives. It is a part of Google Earth and lets you explore space while sitting at home. It has been developed in collaboration with NASA and the images come from the Hubble Telescope. /Source

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