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iPhone 6: new stunnig concepts


As we near the reported iPhone 6 unveiling on September 9th, the leaks just keep on coming. Many independent artists have created mockups of what Apple’s next smartphone is supposed to look like based on hardware components that have leaked already from manufacturers, but this latest design from Martin Hajek is by far the best yet.
BGR reports that Hajek, who has created render of the iPhone 6 before, has recently posted images of his latest iPhone 6 3D render with designs that really couldn’t be more precise. They’re that good. Take a look for yourself. The truly amazing part is Hajek actually went to the lengths of creating a digital tear down of the iPhone and rendering its internal components with painstaking detail.
The iPhone 6 has been the stuff of rumor legend. Reports have it coming in two different screen sizes (4.7-inches and 5.5-inches) and also with the super strong sapphire glass covering its display. Rumors have also been flying about regarding production issues that might delay the launch of one or both iPhone 6 models.
Speculation by some insiders has the larger model perhaps not launching until early 2015. If that’s indeed the case, it would seem to be a huge gaff on Apple’s part by not having both models ready to go for a fall launch. Apple has always smartly launched their coveted handsets right before the beginning of the holiday shopping season each fall. Pushing a launch to January would seem to be a major mistake. Such a move has also been thought to be a way of ensuring maximum sales for either model when they do launch. Apple reportedly wasn’t happy with the results of launching the iPhone 5S and 5C side-by-side last fall, and might be looking to avoid a similar disappointing simultaneous introduction for this year’s two new models.

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