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Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Online traffic increases day by. Most of us uses Internet more than 1 hour. The upcoming generation will be more attached to the Internet than us. What is the real uses of the Internet?
We uses the Internet for Social Networking, Knowledge, Gaming, Downloads and lot of things.There are some people who make a decent amount of money from the Internet. Really the internet can be made a huge money source. The majority of the peoples are using internet for searching stuffs and entertainment. We can use the enthusiasm of the peoples to earn money Online. Here I am going to share the methods which the “Money makers” uses in the Internet.
Updated Best Ways To Earn Money Online


If we consider the all the Money making ways, the blogging will be the first in position. Blogging simply means writing article or designing images as per your Interest and posting it in some Blog Platforms. The bloggers usually make money by CPC or CPM Ads, Sponsored posts, Blogging services and Search engine optimization. You can use any of the available Blog hosts like, etc.The main conc of the Blogging is the Time. You need a lot of time and Hard work to get success in Blogging.
Blogging is just like a coin, it has two faces, good and bad. while you toss it you can’t decide what is going to get for you. So don’t try to do a luck experiment with blogging. if you work hard you will get success.

Merits of Blogging

  • Very high potential
  • Make authority to the author( aka you)
  • Increases online reputation
  • Can be made to a serous 6 figure business

Demerits of Blogging

  • Need time to get success
  • High competition
  • Some basic knowledge needed

Social Media

The social media is really entertaining peoples from all other stresses. We can make us of the entertainment of the peoples in social media. By taking the as example, You can make a Facebook page on a specific niche and post some useful things for your fans. Share the posts among the Facebook and promote shares too. If you hard worked well you will get some good social stand in FB and you can promote other sites and earn money.
This Tip can be used In all social network Like etc. This method also take some time to get success. Anyway your hard work will help you in future.

Merits of social  media

  • Easy to start
  • No investment
  • No basic knowledge required

Demerits of social media

  • Less potential
  • Less ad revenue
  • No business opportunities

PTC and PPV sites

This is a most common method for Online money making. You can start earning money very quick. PTC and PPV sites provide you some Ads, mails,messages, Videos and some sponsored programs to view they pay you as you do all the jobs. The payout will be less but the earning will not take more time. You can search Google for legit PTC sites

Merits of PTC and PPV sites

  • Easy to start
  • No risk

Merits of PTC and PPV sites

  • Very small potential
  • Very small payments
  • Can’t made to a business


The Online money making is not a easy job. If you are ready to work well then you can select the Blogging or Social media as your Option. They will convert your hard work to money soon

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