CES 2014: Getting Better Acquainted with Razer's Project Christine [Video] - Technology Portal


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CES 2014: Getting Better Acquainted with Razer's Project Christine [Video]

Razer Project Christine An in-depth look at Razer's modular PC concept

Easily one of the most unique products being shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) so far is "Project Christine," Razer's modular PC concept. Depending on the level of interest in such a design, Razer says this could turn from a concept build into a shipping product by next year. We wanted to learn more about Project Christine, so Jimmy headed over to Razer's booth for a thorough examination.
One of the concerns with a system like this is that the reliance on proprietary parts could make it an expensive proposition for end users. Having to run to Razer each time an upgrade is in order would be a costly hassle, but Razer tells us one of the keys to making this work is lining up third parties. That means users would have a choice when it comes time to, say, swap out the GPU or shove more RAM into the machine.
It was also interesting to learn that the system uses a combination of oil, water, and mineral water cooling. The PCI-E backbone of Project Christine gets the mineral water treatment, interlacing through the modules. Since there are no fans, the system runs completely silent.
There's plenty more to digest in the following 10 minute video. Give it a look and tell us what you think about Project Christine in the comments section below!

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