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CES 2014: AMD Suite Tour [Video]

AMD puts its game face on

AMD Nano PCOne way AMD has been able to stay in the game, so to speak, is by focusing on graphics performance. It's been a point of emphasis ever since the chip designer acquired ATI, and especially since the introduction of APUs (Accelerated Processing Units). The emphasis on graphics and gaming in general was on display at CES, where AMD showed off a controller accessory for 10-inch tablets and a Nano PC running FIFA 14.
Starting with the tablet accessory, AMD's "Project Discovery" controller is a reference design the company built for third parties. AMD won't market and sell its own controller, but hopes peripheral makers will pick up on the design and run with it.
One thing that immediately stands out is how similar it looks to the Razer Edge. One of our issues with the Razer Edge is that it's a bit heavy. AMD feels its Project Discovery accessory is light enough to game comfortably on the couch, though it will be interesting to see what final products by third parties end up looking and feeling like. Here's a closer look:
Perhaps more impressive is the Nano PC AMD brought to the show. This remarkably thin device wields a Mullins APU, 2GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Though small in size, it seemed to have no trouble running a demo of FIFA 14 at 1080p. Have a look at it, along with AMD's DockPort, which allows you to covert your Windows tablet into a desktop.


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