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8 New Trends Among Mobile Developers

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Programmers have heavy impact of almost everything these days. Mobile developers are very active among online communities. The work done by developers directly reflect on the performance of the mobile apps. Developers tend to follow the trend when it comes to apps. Rise of internet of things (IoT) is making people create their own apps and tools for smart devices. Today we have listed eight latest trends mobile developers care the most about.

1. iOS vs Android Developers:

Statistics show that there are over 40 per cent full-time mobile developers in the world. Out of which, 37 per cent work primarily for iOS. Number of iOS developers is quite high in North America and Europe as compared to Android developers. While, Android dominates iOS in rest of the world. Windows Phone is in third place among mobile developers.

2. Swift:

Apple released Swift few months ago. Over 20 per cent of mobile developers have already adopted to Swift in matter of months. Java is still number 1 preferred language among mobile developers. 57 per cent of users all over the world prefer Java for mobile app development. Objective-C is also quite popular among developers.

3. Middle Class Of App Developers:

Worldwide, 24 per cent of mobile developers earn between $1,000 to $10,000 per month. More than half of mobile developers make less than $1,000 per month in app revenue. 24 per cent of mobile app developers earn more than $10,000 per month. The middle class of mobile developers is missing. iOS developers tend to make more money than Android. 15 per cent of iOS developers make more than $50,000 per month in app revenue while, 37 per cent of them make less than $500 per month. The revenue chart suggests that there is no pattern in revenue of mobile developers.

4. Internet of Things:

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the top growing sectors among developers. IoT is endorsed as next big sector. Many developers are experimenting with IoT software. 30 per cent of mobile developers are working on IoT projects as hobby. 20 per cent of them are doing it as a side project. IoT is targeted by mobile developers for home and building management software. Mobile developers are also interested in developing IoT wearable products.

5. Cross Platform Tools:

Mobile developers use different set of tools to build an application. Analytic tools are quite popular among mobile developers. Majority of developers use at least one third party tool in an application project. Developers who target iOS are most likely to use third party tools. 57 per cent of iOS developers use third party analytics tool. Cross-platform tools are gaining lot of popularity and attention.

6. Targeting Enterprise:

64 per cent of mobile developers target consumers. Developers prefer apps for end user. However there has been recent change in the trend. Developers are slowly moving to enterprise apps as well. 20 per cent of all mobile developers target enterprise apps. 45 per cent of all enterprise app developers make more than $10,000 per month. Programmers developing enterprise level apps are more likely to prefer cross-platform tool.

7. iOS Developers = Money:

iOS developers are motivated by money. All developers are classified as explorers and hunters. Explorers usually make significantly less money than hunters. Large number of Android developers are classified as explorers while in case of iOS, the total number is dominated by hunters.

8. Wrong Revenue Model:

There are number of ways to monetise applications. It is observed that most of the developers are following wrong revenue models for making money out of their applications. 73 per cent of the developers are making money by either app sales or advertising. Only 9 per cent of mobile developers are following e-commerce revenue model. The large number of mobile developers are missing significant revenue opportunities.  


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