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5 Websites With Sample Codes For Programmers!

Programming, programmer, codes, coders, sample code, resources, sample code websites, sample code for programmersThanks to the Internet today, we have tons of resources for application developers, with libraries that have codes in VB, C, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and other programming language. Here we bring a list of our favourites!

1. Programmer’s Heaven

Thanks to its huge community, programmersheaven.com is a big resource of information, tips, and forums on languages like Basic, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic and more. Also if you want a specific code which isn't there already on the site, you can simply make a request on the forums.

2. SourceForge.net

This is the most obvious one on the list. SourceForge is indeed one of the most important open source communities on the web. From reviewing a sample code to learning new things, this website is the best place to look.

On the main page, simply click “Find Software,” and then “Development.” The result will definitely thrill you. It is a whole new world of open source projects with above 54,000 listings under “Software Development”.

3. CodeGuru

CodeGuru is another amazing resource site for developers. It covers languages like Visual C++/C++, .Net/C# and Visual Basic. Though it isn't a very big collection in terms of the programming languages, but site is filled with articles that are far more comprehensive than your standard forum posts found elsewhere. Codes here offers important explanations about how to accomplish specific tasks.

4. The Code Project

CodeProject is a fast growing community of developer which looks much like a free article directory website, except that the contributors here are actually programmers who attempt to provide the best programming articles available. A majority of these are furnished with well written explanations along with the sample code. The Code Project isn’t just a plain boring resource where you go through the site and yearn your code. But you will most likely get sucked with the prizes and competitions going on, the surveys, articles, message boards, and the job board!

5. DevX

This list would never be complete without mentioning of DevX. The website is a massive programmer’s hub which is a huge portal of many other sites covering the most popular programming topics such as Java, C++, Database programming, Visual Basic, Mobile programming and much more.


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