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Samsung UI leak shows a fantastic update to TouchWiz

It looks like Samsung is looking to overhaul the UI that would most likely be gracing their next wave of Android phones, and from what little we can see it looks like a huge step forward for the company.
Samsung is, by far, the largest contributor to the success of Android right now. The Galaxy brand is more of a household name than Android, and Samsung is more than aware of this. The S4 and Note 3 are huge successes in their own spaces, but this past year has seen some incredible new ideas from the likes of HTC and Motorola.
In order to avoid being seen as stagnant, Samsung needs to do more than just bolt features on to its already bloated setting menu and focus on a better overall experience. If these leaked screenshots are any indicator, it looks as though they are doing exactly that.
What you see in the screenshots above, courtesy of the infamous EVLeaks, is a lock screen and two system screens for a never before seen Samsung UI. It’s clearly Android from the look of things, and the lack of a clock in the upper right hand corner of the lock screen could indicate that this is based on Android 4.4 or higher, which would make sense for a UI built for future devices.
The lock screen also has what appears to be a custom widget layout with an S Health fitness tracker demo, which you see again in the system screen. The widget looks like it is one of several that are designed to span the width of the screen, making it so when you stack several of them on a page it has an almost card-like look to it. This plays nicely with the direction Android has been heading recently, which would be a great step for Samsung.
This set of images paints a compelling picture for the next generation of Samsung phones. There’s enough of the classic Samsung look there for long time users to still feel comfortable navigating, and at the same time everything feels new and fresh. It’s clear that this will continue to be the exact opposite of Motorola’s approach to a custom UI by making things look completely separate from “pure” Android, but the design has its own surprisingly fun appeal.
Hopefully we see more of this look and feel soon from Samsung, perhaps even as early as Mobile World Congress next month.

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