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Samsung starts third-party accessory block with 4.4.2 update to Note 3

The Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to the Galaxy Note 3 may have brought some welcome changes to the the phablet’s software, however it has just been discovered that Samsung did what they threatened to do a couple of months ago: the company has implemented an accessory restriction on the Note 3 with the new Android update where third-party cases will no longer work for S View mode...this could only be the beginning of their accessory domination.
Note 3 s view
Samsung needs a slap! © AndroidPIT
For the time being, the block is limited to cases, forcing people to buy the official S-View case and ditching knock-off versions if they still want to have the quick view functionality. They did however talk about expanding this restriction to batteries and chargers, forcing the client to only use official Samsung products, which according to them, would ensure customers are only using safe and tested products.
galaxy note 3 usb 3
How far will the ''original accessory scam'' go?  © AndroidPIT
There are two different ways for  you to get around this case restriction though. Firstly, the official case comes with an implanted ID chip which allows the Galaxy Note 3 to recognize that it’s official and therefore switch to S View mode when in the case. If you are feeling crafty, you could surgically remove the chip from this case and insert into the case or cover of your choice - although you'll still need the original cover to do this. Second of all, if you have root access, you are able to install a new Xposed module from the XDA developers forum, which will allow you to trick the phone into this mode.
galaxy s4 mini 20
Non-original accessories may not work with the Note 3 and this goes for batteries too.© AndroidPIT
When it comes to batteries, we always recommend smartphone owners to use official ones anyway, but this seems to be just another way for Samsung to gain even more monopoly in the mobility ecosystem. If this restriction test of theirs goes well, which we can only assume it will (for Samsung at least), then chargers, batteries and other third-party accessories could soon become null and void if you own a Samsung device running Android 4.4.2 and later.
What do you think of Samsung’s move? Is it just another way to make more money or an understandable strategy for the company in trying to expand their own brand?

Source: Android Police, Sammobile

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