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Galaxy S5 details revealed by Samsung Mobile VP

It’s no surprise to hear that Samsung is hard at work on the next version of their Galaxy line of smartphones, but it is a little unusual to see a Samsung exec so willing to talk about what we can expect from their next flagship device.
While Samsung started off 2014 with a few product announcements at CES, the main event is still months away. For the last two years Samsung has held their own launch event for the Galaxy S line, and the announcements have been getting larger and more extravagant as their market share continues to soar and dominate the competition.
Just like an iPhone launch, the launch of a Galaxy phone is plagued by a volume of overspeculation that inevitably leads to disappointment in the enthusiast groups. That could be why one Samsung VP spilled some details about the Galaxy S5 during a recent interview, but it seems likely that this could do more harm than good.
Lee Young Hee, a VP for Samsung Mobile, started off a Bloomberg interview by confirming a lot of obvious things. The first was that the S5 launch period would be roughly the same as last year, so we can expect to see it around March or April. He also explained that the purpose of this release is to bring new features and hardware to fend off Apple in high end markets, which has routinely been the purpose of the Galaxy S line.
Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch
Hee briefly mentioned a new smartwatch to come out alongside the S5, designed to address the shortfalls found with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Given the high return rates and ultimately low opinion of the watch when compared to devices with considerably lower-grade hardware like the Pebble, it’s not hard to imagine Samsung wanting to quietly smother the first generation Gear and quickly move on to something that could actually be useful.
Samsung seems very aware of the rise in competition in 2013, not only in the US from Apple, HTC, and Motorola, but also with several companies in China. Samsung was heavily criticized this past year for making the jump from Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S4 look so similar on the outside, so there’s an expectation that the design for the S5 will be something special.
Hee claims that Samsung is going back to the basics with the S5, focusing on the display and the feel of the cover. Given what we saw with the fake leather Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, hopefully they have something else in mind.
We’ve seen some early screenshots of an Android UI that could be for the S5 already, but Hee went on to talk more about the hardware changes that could be expected with this new smartphone. Chief among them is the possible inclusion of an eye scanner instead of a fingerprint sensor, but that is not a confirmed feature for the smartphone yet. There’s also likely to be some deep integration with their S Health service, if a smartwatch is indeed expected to be included in the launch of the S5.
This year is going to be critical for Samsung. As the mobile company who is currently on top, every manufacturer is going to be targeting their features with something they feel is even better. Samsung’s resources are practically infinite at this point, however, and they have their hands in everything from flexible and transparent displays to their own line of incredibly powerful mobile processors.
On the other hand there’s a lot of maybes in this interview that aren’t likely to be taken as hypothetical by fans, which could lead to more disappointment if the company doesn’t deliver. Samsung is clearly aware of their position, which could mean amazing things for the Galaxy S5.

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