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WhatsApp update allows you to change your number

The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has gotten a little bit better. The last updateto the Android version of the app added video playback and with this latest update comes a bunch of minor improvements and fixes. You are now also able to change the phone number that is associated with your WhatsApp account easily and from within the app itself.
whatsApp update
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Now there is a nice little shortcut to changing over your phone number should you get a new device, SIM card, or whatever the case that would merit this. I just recently had to change carriers and couldn’t port over my phone number, so I had to do a roundabout method of backing up my chat logs, restoring them to my new number, and it was just a really silly way of trying to get over this issue.

Very simple operation

To change the number, you just need to head over to Settings > Account Info and you’ll find a new option which is called “Change Number”. This will migrate all your contacts, account information, and groups over to your new device/number.
whatsapp change number 2
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Currently, the version is available as an APK that you can download by clicking the link but it should grace the official Google Play Store shortly. 

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