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Top 5 Music Players: The best way to play music on Android

Android smartphones can accommodate thousands upon thousands of music files. Best of all, with Android you also have the choice between what kind of app you want playing or managing your music. Below, we present the five top music players for Android.
spotify all access teaser 3
© AndroidPIT


Five Star
 Numerous adjustment options✕ -
✓ 10-Band equalizer 
 Seamlesss playback 
✓ Elegant design that incorporates album artwork 
 All key file formats are supported 
 Song lyric support 
As one of the most popular music players for Android, Poweramp is really the way to go. With a very intuitive user interface, you can also customize the app with different themes to fit your liking. Album art and lyrics can also be integrated into the player, it provides a ten-band equalizer to help tweak your sound output, and is compatible with many different audio formats.
With themes galore, Poweramp can be whatever you want it to be. / © AndroidPIT

PlayerPro Music Player

Five Star
 Many skins and extensions✕ -
✓ Reliable lyric and album artwork download functionality 
 Lockscreen widgets 
✓ Scrobble support 
 Can edit ID3 tags in the app 
Also hovering around the top of the chart is PlayerPro Music Player. Again, lyrics and album art can be downloaded and be displayed while playing music. As well, there are different skins, themes, and extensions that you can use with this player to help customize your experience. Song tags can be edited directly from the app and you can even use scrobbling support for sites such as so that you can sync your listening habits. As well, PlayerPro comes with some different options for lock screen widgets that provide you with quick access to key functions of this music player.
playerpro screenshot bild7
PlayerPro comes with some good lock screen widgets and a ton of personalization options. / © AndroidPIT

n7player Music Player

4 Star
 Nice User Interface✕ No radio or podcast support
 Album artwork integration Lyric display requires an additional plug-in
The n7player create a unique experience when you use it: the user interface of the music player is presented as a “tag cloud” with the artist or song name appearing on your screen in an almost scrapbook look. One of the downsides, however, of the app is the lack of radio functions or the ability to sync and download podcasts directly to it. However, despite this shortfall on the apps behalf, it’s definitely still worth checking out for its uniqueness.
The unique appearance of the User Interface on the n7player. / © N7 Mobile

Rocket Music Player

4 Star
 Great features✕ Many file formats only found in PRO version
 Ad-free No radio function
 Various designs and themes To synchronize with iTunes, an additional plug-in is required.
The Rocket Music Player is a feature-rich underdog which competes against some of the bigger names. With various different templates and themes that you can download, Rocket Music Player gives you a bunch of options to play around with in an ad-free environment. While the free edition is lacking some of the features that the PROS version incorporates, such as supporting some specific file formats, it does well with what it has. An extensive search offers a different approach to music being able to search across different tags, playlists, or locations.
One of the many faces of the Rocket Music Player. / © AndroidPIT

Google Play Music

4 Star
 Radio function✕ Needs a subscription for full features
 No synchronization necessary 
 Recommends music based on musical library and listenkng habits 
Google Play Music offers access to a huge online catalog of music that you can stream (that is, if it’s available in your country) if you’ve got a subscription. The app can also play music that is stored on your Android device. Google Play Music syncs with your Google account and doesn’t require timely synchronization delays across multiple devices. As well, Google Play Music offers some good customized recommendations based on your current listening habits and music library.
google play music update kw 37
Access to a wide range of titles and radio stations on Google Play Music. / © Google Play Store


Ultimately, the music player of your choice comes down to your personal preference. While this list might be spot on for a bunch of people, for others, they may not even consider them when thinking of their best music players. Let us know what your music player of choice is and what you look for in a music player app!

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