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How to set up an Android smartphone or tablet for the first time

If you got a shiny new smartphone for Christmas, you probably want to start playing with it immediately. But first of all it must be set up, and not everyone already knows how with Android. In this Android for Beginners article we'll explain step-by-step how to set up your new smartphone. You will see: it's easy!
AndroidPIT Android For Beginners
How to set up your Android smartphone or tablet for the first time. / © AndroidPIT
Each phone is different, and each manufacturer gives its own devices little extras that make it stand out from the crowd of competitors. But deep down Android devices are ultimately quite similar. Here's what you need to do to get going:

1 Insert the SIM card and enter your PIN

If you have a working SIM card already, puts it into the smartphone before your turn on it. You will then be asked in the first step to enter your PIN number.

2 Select a language

The first step is choosing a language. A tap on the default language opens a list of all available languages for the system. Select your language from the list and tap Start to continue.
androidpit motorola moto g setup 1
The first thing you see is the choice of language and Wi-Fi networks. © AndroidPIT

3 Select Wi-Fi network

If you find yourself within range of a wireless network, you can now make the connection. Simply select your network the list and enter the password if required. Then tap on Connect.

4 Set up/login to Google account (optional)

In order to use your smartphone with Google's apps and services, you need a Google account. For example, if you want to download apps from the Google Play Store. If you already have a Google account, you can enter those details now. Then you will be asked to agree or disagree to some Google services like sharing location data and backing up your information.
androidpit motorola moto g setup 2
You can opt to make a Gmail account later, log in with an existing account or create one on the spot. © AndroidPIT
If you don't already have a Google account, but would like to set one up, just follow the steps to choose a user name and set a password. Be sure to remember your password, but make sure it's not easy to guess. Remember, you don't need to have a Google account to use the phone, but you will have less functions open to you if you don't.
Some manufacturers such as Samsung ask you during the registration whether you want to create an extra account. This is only necessary if you want to use some special services. You can simply skip this step if you don't want an additional account.

5 Sign into other services (optional)

Many smartphones come with pre-installed software, such as cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. If you use these services you can now log into them with your existing account, or you can set up an account with them and sign in with that. When you sign up with a cloud service, you'll usually get a few gigabytes of free storage space in the cloud. If you don't use these services, now might be a good time to start because they offer a great way to easily secure valuable content like photos and emails in the cloud, ready for instant access whenever you need them, even if you don't have your phone with you.
androidpit google play store teaser
The Google Play Store is the place to get all your Android apps. / © AndroidPIT

6 Download apps from the Google Play Store (optional)

The initial setup of the smartphone is now complete. Many smartphones have some simple tutorials to help get you oriented on the phone. For an overview of the apps that have already been installed on your phone, have a look at the app drawer. The app drawer is a sliding list of icons for all the apps on your phone. Chances are you'll find it at the bottom of the home screen (the first screen you come to after setup is complete) Look around the app drawer, and if there's any apps you don't have that you want, you can go to Google's Play Store to download them – it will be installed your phone already. Installing apps is a simple process that will walk you through anything you need to do (like signing in).
google nexus 5 wallpaper
Got a favorite picture? Make it the wallpaper for your new phone or tablet! / © Google

7 Personalize your phone

If you do not like the background image that came with your phone, do not despair - every smartphone offers a selection of different backgrounds from which you can choose. The way to do this changes with manufacturer, but look for a Display or Wallpaper option in the Settings Menu. Quite often, if you press on the home screen anywhere for a couple of sections, a window will appear that lets you change your wallpaper. You can even choose a live wallpaper that moves (andconsumes more battery!). You can also add your own images or use photos taken with the camera: perfect for reminding you of the moment you unwrapped your new smartphone!
On some devices, you can also change the font and style of symbols. If none of the options are to your liking, you could try out a new icon pack or test some other backgrounds - of which there are a lot on the net. And if even that is still not enough for you, you could try out an alternative launcher.

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