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How to recover lost notifications on Android

Have you ever cleared your notifications by accident and deleted things that you hadn’t checked out yet or wanted to keep for future reference? I know that I have. I open up the notification pane and before I can even think about it, WHAM, notifications have been cleared. But what about that message or e-mail? Which app was it from? Well, we’ll show you how to check out your notification history so you don’t have to worry about notification purgatory. 
Wait. What was that notification again? / © AndroidPIT
 First, the bad news, this feature is only available if you’re running Android 4.3 Jellybean or higher. However, if you have at least version of the OS, there isn’t anything else you’ll need to install or activate in order to get this feature working.
  1.  Open your app drawer and head to widgets
  2. Swipe until you get to the “Shortcut to Settings”, the widget will look like your Settings icon.
  3. Drag this widget to your home screen and place it somewhere. When you do, a bunch of options will pop up.
  4. Select Notifications
  5. An icon will be created on the desktop and when you click on it, you’ll have access to your notification history.
Getting your nofitication history is easy, as long as you've got Android 4.3. / © AndroidPIT
By opening this history, you’ll see a full report of all the notifications that you’ve received over the last little while, whether they have been cleared or not. You can check out the title of the notification, which application triggered the notification, and what time is was received on your device. Clicking on one of them will cause the application in question to fire up.
Had you heard of this tip before? If not, does it put your mind at ease knowing you’ll never not know which notifications you’ve received?

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