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Galaxy S5: aluminum housing unlikely due to cost

Questions about whether Samsung would shy away from their tried and tested method of using a plastic housing on their next flagship devices, the Galaxy S5, have been circling around since we first got a scent of the device. Criticized in the past over its over abundance of plastic use in the past, word on the street was that Samsung would move towards a more durable aluminum housingfor their next device. However, reports from industry magazine Digitimes don’t fare well for the metal housing crowd.
galaxy s4 mini 4
Plastic or no plastic for the S5? Reports are leaning towards the latter. / © AndroidPIT

Costs, nothing but costs

For a company toting sales record after sales record and that burns money on advertising,Samsung seems to be a little hesitant to put a bit more money into the manufacturing process for its devices.
Digitimes refers to some unspecified Taiwanese companies in the housing and chassis business as having no orders for mass product of a metal-alloy housing for Samsung. As well, the report indicates that it is simply not necessary for Samsung to switch over to a metal housing at all, as they’ve become a world leading mobile device manufacturer while still adopting a plastic mentality. A switch to a metal housing would drive up production costs…..which isn’t kosher for Samsung it seems.
So what does it come down to? Does Samsung run a ridiculously tight ship when it comes to production but then goes all out for marketing? Seems a little silly when you think about it.

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