LG Smart TVs could be collecting personal data, even if you tell them not to - Technology Portal


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LG Smart TVs could be collecting personal data, even if you tell them not to

Think you're safe from prying eyes when you turn off your computer or smartphone and flip on the TV? That might not be the case if you have a recent LG Smart TV, according to a UK blogger called DoctorBeet. He noticed that his new HD set was sending private data, regardless of whether a (rather hidden) toggle called "Collection of watching info" was turned on or off. In scanning through his router logs, DoctorBeet noticed that TV station metadata was transmitted (albeit to a server that appears inactive) each time he changed the channel. More insidiously, even the names of files on USB keys he inserted were being sent -- including one he changed to "Midget_Porn_2013.avi" to prove a point. That appears to go beyond what we saw with its Cognitive Networks hookup, which was supposed to supply more features to users, not advertisers. We contacted LG, who made the following statement:
We're looking into this now. We take these claims very seriously and are currently investigating the situation at numerous local levels since our Smart TVs differ in features and functions from one market to another. We work hard to get privacy right and have made this our top priority.
They said it could take another 48 hours to actually confirm or deny what's going on -- so, naturally, as soon as we know, you'll know.


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