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8 Coolest Cloud Programming Langauges

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When people think of choosing a programming language to learn, it becomes very difficult to choose between general-purpose procedural language and object oriented language. Today we have listed top eight cloud-based programming languages that you should consider to learn.

1. SQL Data Language:

SQL has been there for a long time now. When it comes to data language, SQL has been the most prominent one among developers. Even non-relational database servers are based on SQL. The cloud is full of SQL, the language is fairly easy to learn and understand.

2. XML Data Language:

XML is the popular data markup language. The language comes hand in hand with Java. Large-scale distributed systems are based on XML. The XML documents are everywhere. Apache Hadoop configuration files are also written in XML.

3. R Math Language:

R Math Language helps developers with statistics, reports and graphs. The interactive tutorial help developers to bring vectors, factors and correlative data sets. Amazon has bundled services like RStudio IDE with EMR (Elastic MapReduce). The tools help with Big Data analytics.

4. Clojure Math Language:

Clojure is a mathematical language. The programming language has both general purpose and functional language. It is quite popular among data analysts. The real time data stream processor, Apache Storm is written in Clojure.

5. Haskell Functional Language:

Haskell is functional programming language. The language is ideal for distributed computing. Cloud Haskell platform project started two years ago. The programming language has good adoption in industry. The tutorial on the official website has detailed tutorial.

6. Eriang Functional Language:

Eriang was invented from Ericsson telecom products. The language is suitable for carrier grade functions and it is ideal for cloud computing. Many cloud applications like Riak, CouchDB, RabbitMQ and LING unikernel are powered by Eriang.

7. Python Procedural Language:

Python is popularly known as readable programming language. Python comes with great learning aids that includes classes, books and even interactive tutorials. Anyone can get started with Python. The popular cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) management software, OpenStack is based on Python.

8. Go Procedural Language:

Google has created Go few years ago to replace languages such as Stroustrup C++. A popular cloud computing platform, Docker is written in Go. There are many projects in Docket ecosystem that are based on Go. Google provides interactive Go tutorial and Go Playground for getting grips with code. 


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