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The inside of a fake Apple Watch vs. the real thing — it isn't pretty

Yes, we know there are fake Apple Watch devices available for sale in China, online and at certain tech conferences, but what's behind the veneer of imitation smartwatch deception?
Do the insides of these cleverly crafted shams live up to the finely hewn artistry of Apple's internal case designs? We have yet to get our hands on the real Apple Watch, but one person cracked open one of the faux Apple Watches to see what was inside — and it isn't pretty.
  • Although Apple hasn't shown much of the insides of the Apple Watch, it has touted the device's Taptic Engine and custom S1 SiP (System in Package) chip stack. Its beauty is not skin deep.
    Image: Apple
  • 1fwtch
    Inside the fake (this one is a GT08): A common wristwatch battery and a plastic shell emblazoned with iconography encouraging you to recycle your garbage (once you've, inevitably, given up on the cheap knockoff).
    Image: Imaginechina, Corbis
  • 1aplw.
    A still from one of the Apple Watch promo videos showing off the internal case crafting. Slick.
    Image: Apple
  • 2fwtch
    Within the imitation, visually, we are transported into circuitry terrain as messy as the device's Android-powered touch interface.
    Image: Imaginechina, Corbis
  • 2aplw
    Think we're exaggerating about the fake's ugly circuit board? Take a look at this glamour shot from the inside of the Apple Watch. If you could eat off this thing, you would.
    Image: Apple
  • 3aplw
    The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch is a vital part of the device's interface. Here we see the precision-crafted case mold for the scrolling input component.
    Image: Apple
  • 4fwtch
    Yep, that kinda looks like a Digital Crown, but even in this midrange photo, the cheapness is apparent.
    Image: Imaginechina, Corbis
  • 0fwtch
    They decided to put the oval button (the communication button on the real Apple Watch) on the other side of the faux Apple Watch. So, not exactly an exact replica.
    Image: Imaginechina, Corbis
  • 4aplw
    Yet another image of the casing for the Apple Watch. In this shot, the housing for the wireless, inductive charging unit is the focus. It does look a bit like art.
    Image: Apple
  • 7fwtch
    Oh, that's what the oval on the other side is for -- USB, of course. But how long until whatever that is holding that cover in place wears out and you're left with a gaping port on the side of the device?
    Image: Imaginechina, Corbis
  • Rlwtch
    The real deal Apple Watch in all its glory. Unfortunately, from far away, some fakes actually look pretty similar to this particular watch face.
    Image: Kay Nietfeld, dpa, Corbis
  • Fkrwtch
    And here's what your faux Apple Watch looks like when it's docked and syncing via Bluetooth with your iPhone. Yeah, not pretty.
    Image: Imaginechina, Corbis 

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