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Internet Explorer brand being killed off by Microsoft

Microsoft has been dropping hints that they are going to kill off the Internet Explorer brand with its successor that currently goes by the codename of Project Spartan. The Marketing Chief for Microsoft said that at the moment the company is working on a new brand and name. It seems that they are looking into what the best name might be for the browser that is going to run in the upcoming Windows 10.
internet-explorer-8[Image Courtesy of Netambulo]
Capossela did say that Internet Explorer would still be around and would exist in some Windows 10 versions of the OS, however, this is mainly for enterprise compatibility. Project Spartan is going to the primary browser for those using Windows 10.
Microsoft has been trying to shake off negativity surrounding Internet Explorer for years and they have used some amusing campaigns of their own to mock Internet Explorer 6. Sadly the situation didn’t improve and back in December the former Internet Explorer chief called it a day and left, leaving the path clear for a new browser to step in and take over.
[Image Courtesy of Microsoft]
Research data has been shown as Capossela continues to look for a new name for the web browser vs Internet Explorer. The addition of the Microsoft name in front of the new name did have appeal to users of Chrome in the UK. At the moment Microsoft is testing out names by doing market research and there is no mention of when we might find out the chosen name for the browser that will take over Internet Explorer.
Just by putting the Microsoft name in front of it, the delta for Chrome users on appeal is incredibly high,” says Capossela.
So you have any suggestions for what the new browser should be called and would you prefer it if the browser had the Microsoft prefix to it?
Via [TheVerge]

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