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Plextor targets gamers with '50 percent faster' SSD starting at €199 ($275)

It's over a year since we last covered Plextor's wares, but the company's been busy with the next generation of its M-branded SSDs. For the first time, the range includes a premium PCIe option explicitly aimed at gamers, which promises much better speeds by side-stepping the SATA "bottleneck." This card, the M6e, starts at €199 ($275) for 128GB and tops out at €540 ($750) for 512GB, with claimed sequential read / writes of up to 770 / 625MB/s, and random read / writes of up to 105k / 100k IOPS. Plextor says that's a gain of around 50 percent compared to the sequential speeds you'd get from the regular SATA option, the M6S, but of course you're paying for that extra performance: the biggest 512GB M6S will set you back just €332 ($460), for example. We've been told to expect availability "very soon," but in the meantime you can check out some early reviews of the PCIe drive at the links below.

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