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Sony SmartWatch 2 FIFA and Silver metal editions coming soon

Sony will soon launch two new version of its SmartWatch 2. The first of the two will be made to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, boasting a wrist strap with colors of the home team. That wrist strap seems made out of fabric and we find the end result to look kinda cheap; then again – I’m sure Brazilians won’t fuss about it.
The second version is the Silver metal edition, which (as you would imagine) rocks a silver metal strap. Yup, it is similar to the metal black strap the SmartWatch 2 launched with, though we find the silver strap to look sexier.
As for the prices, we’re not sure how much these two new models will cost in the U.S. We do know that British retailer Clove is selling each one of the two new editions for £132, which is the amount that translates into roughly $215.
So, who’s buying?
[Via: XperiaBlog]

Renald Bame

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