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PNY Unleashes Two More GTX 780 Ti Graphics Cards

pny-oc-780-ti-nvidia,S-G-419632-3 PNY Unleashes Two More GTX 780 Ti Graphics Cards to an eager audience. PNY has announced the arrival of 2 new video cards, the GTX 780 TI OC and the GTX 780 Ti custom.
Of the 2 cards the OC version will be the more powerful and comes with 3 large fans on an oversized cooling apparatus. Clocked with a base frequency of 1006 MHz the card is supposed to be able to BOOST up to the 1072 MHz and has a effective memory speed of 7.2GHz.
The GTX 780 Custom sports a cooler much the same as the OC, but it only has 2 fans instead of 3. PNY is marketing this card using the reference frequencies of the GTX 780 Ti meaning the clock is at the base speed of 875 MHz with a BOOST of 920 MHz along with a memory clock of 7.0 GHz.
So far we have only heard of UK pricing with the OC version selling for 629.99 and the Custom at 614.99. This seems a little late in the game to me, but we will have to see how the fans react at the sales counter.
Source: Tom’s Hardware

Renald Bame

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