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Buy your PC Parts with Bitcoin? It’s now Accepted by Tiger Direct

bitcoins_1020_large_verge_medium_landscape Buy your PC Parts with Bitcoin?
We recently reported that iBuyPower is now selling coin mining PCs and now Bitcoin users will be happy to hear that TigerDirect is now accepting bitcoins as payment on their US website. While this is currently limited to just the US version of the website, international orders placed through it will still be accepted.
TigerDirect has also made the usage of Bitcoin on the website a bit restrictive, including no refunds, no gift card purchases, and the warning that they may change their policy on virtual currency at a moment’s notice.

In other words this is all very much a sort of trial phase to see just how much business TigerDirect can gain and whether or not it’s worth making bitcoins a regularly accepted form of payment. So what do you guys think about this move? Are you happy to see Bitcoin becoming more mainstream? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading here at Tech of Tomorrow!
Source: TigerDirect 

Renald Bame

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