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Why not just skip aluminum and jump right to a Titanium smartphone?

The debate as of late for mobile devices has been over what kind of material the chassis should be made out of. Most flagships have been going the aluminum and glass route, opting for a beautiful but delicate device that needs protecting. Others have chosen some pretty traditional materials such as plastics, and some unusual combinations such as leather. Well, we might want to make room for another option and it doesn’t come cheap: a new titanium Android smartphone is now available.      
gresso 1 teaser
The Titanium Android smartphone: Gresso Radical R1 / © Gresso
The Gresso Radical R series is definitely for those people who have a little bit more money in the bank than they care to keep there and the need to be distinguished from everyone else.  Starting at $1800, the Radical R1 falls into the category of luxury good as opposed to mobile device. What more, you most likely will have to do a double take when you look at the hardware specs as they’re…..unimpressive for that price point to say the least.

Technical Specs

ProcessorQuad-Core, 1.2 GHz
Display4.5-inches, 960 x 540 Pixel
Internal Storage36 GB
Camera8 MP
Android Version4.1.2
Dimensions and Weight138 х 69 х 12 mm, 219 g
Furthering the prestige aspect of the Radical series is that fact that there will only be a limited manufacturing run for the device: only 999 units will be produced. So yeah, if you’re looking for a phone that is most likely bomb proof, but that’s about it, then by all means this phone may be for you. Or…you could just buy yourself five Neuxs 5 smartphones. Up to you. 

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