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Intel to Release 8-Core Haswell-E Desktop Processors in Third Quarter of 2014

Penny pinchers need not applyHaswell

Intel doesn't yet offer an 8-core processor for consumer desktop applications, but by the end of the year, that's going to change. The world's largest semiconductor company, despite being motivated to aggressively compete in the mobile market, is said to be readying the launch of 8-core Haswell-E chips in third quarter of 2014. If you're hoping to pick one as you send your Ivy Bridge-E setup into retirement, you'll want to start saving up now.
According to Digitimes and the sources it spoke with from the upstream supply chain, Intel's initial batch of Haswell-E processors will hover around $1,000. At the same time, the Sunnyvale chip maker also plans to launch its high-end X99 chipset to pair with these CPUs.
Haswell-E will feature a 22nm manufacturing process and come in two separate styles -- X and K. Both will support Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost 2.0 technologies, along with PCI-Express Gen. 3 and DDR4 memory up to 2133MHz. Native USB 3.0 support will be part of the X99 chipset.

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