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CSS3 Backgrounds and Patterns Gallery

When possible, using Css3 for web design instead of images is the right thing to do, less images on your site means less pages weight, less download time, less http requests, faster rendering time and easier maintenance …

Here's a list of simple pure css3 backgrounds and patterns you can use when coding your web design.

1 / CSS3 Chessboard Pattern

Pure CSS3 Chessboard Pattern
Css Code Size : 215 bytes.

2 / CSS3 Labyrinth Pattern

Pure CSS3 Labyrinth Pattern
Css Code Size : 206 bytes.

3 / CSS3 Danger.Dots Pattern

Pure CSS3 Danger.Dots Pattern
Css Code Size : 211 bytes.

4 / CSS3 Pipes Pattern

Pure CSS3 Pipes Pattern
Css Code Size : 280 bytes.

5 / CSS3 Rainbow Background

Pure CSS3 Rainbow Background
Css Code Size : 231 bytes.

This patterns and backgrounds list will be enriched, if you want to contribute use the contact-us form to submit your work.

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