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How to create a Tunnel interface and configure between Cisco Routers

Create and Configure a Tunnel Interface on Cisco Router 

You can create a Tunnel interface on Cisco Router and establish a Tunnel between two locations. Tunnel between two location Routers are useful for load sharing on WAN links or Resources. Below I will share the Tunnel configuration on Cisco Router at both ends to establish a tunnel.

Create a Tunnel Interface on Cisco Router

Cisco-Router(config)#interface tunnel ?
<0-2147483647>  Tunnel interface number
Cisco-Router(config)#interface tunnel

Tunnel Configuration at A end Cisco Router:

interface Tunnel100
description ***Tunnel to B location ***
ip address
keepalive 5 4
tunnel source
tunnel destination
interface Fastethernet 0/0
description *** Tunnel  Source Interface ***
ip address secondary
ip address
ip accounting output-packets
ip pim dense-mode
ip route-cache flow

Tunnel Configuration at B end Cisco Router:

interface Tunnel104
description ***Tunnel to  A Location ****
ip address
keepalive 5 4
tunnel source
tunnel destination
interface FastEthernet0/1.500
description *** Tunnel  Source Interface ***
encapsulation dot1Q 500
ip address
Be ensuring the tunnel destination is reachable via global routing using static or dynamic routing protocols not routed via the tunnel interface. As the tunnel is up if the source address is up use keepalives if you want the tunnel to go down when the destination is not available.

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