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Creating a simple shape in Photoshop cs5

Creating a simple shape in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, you are going to learn how to create a simple shape in Photoshop. Manipulation of photos is one thing but creating your own art is completely different and far more exciting. In this tutorial, we are working with the brush tool, filters and Layer Style.

1)  Open a new document with the following settings:

2)  Place a vertical and a horizontal guide at the center of the document.
3)  Press CTRL+I to fill the Background with Black.
4)  Open a new layer.
5)  Set the Foreground color to White.
6)  Select the Brush Tool and make the following changes in the Tool Options Bar above:

7)  Hold down the SHIFT key and draw a very small straight line on the vertical guide as shown:

8)  With Layer 1 still selected in the Layers Panel, go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Make the following changes and click OK:

9)  Hold down the CTRL key and left-click on the Layer Thumbnail for Layer 1 in the Layers Panel.

This selects the shape that you drew earlier.

10)  Press ALT+CTRL+T.

11)  We are now going to change the focal point of transformation. Hold down the CTRL key and keep pressing the + key until the transformation point is obvious.
12)  Now, hold down the ALT key and drag the transformation point so that it is placed as shown in the image below:

13)  Next, move the cursor around the transformation box until you can see the cursor change to a rotating shape. Hold down ALT+CTRL and drag the mouse to your right so that the shape rotates clockwise. Make sure you do not rotate too much. Press Enter.
14)  Hold down SHIFT+ALT+CTRL and keep pressing T until the shape is formed.
15)  Next, double click the Layer Thumbnail to open Layer Style for Layer 1. Make the following changes:

You can choose whatever color you like.
That’s it, babe.
Final Result:

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