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Cisco Router Lab Video Training

  Cisco Router Lab Video Training
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The Cisco router lab is one of the most difficult labs to build because it touches on so many different pieces of equipment. When you are building your Cisco CCNP lab, it is pretty easy as three Cisco routers and three Cisco switches will put you in a pretty good position at a pretty reasonable price.
Definitely a lot less then the price of attending a Cisco CCNP training class and you get to keep the equipment to practice on for as long as you like. When building a larger Cisco router lab for things like the CCIE, you concentrate on one particular discipline such as Security, Voice, Storage or Routing and Switching so you only have to purchase Cisco equipment for that area of expertise.
Now with building your Cisco router lab, you should consider four different technologies within networking. The technologies are aligned to the CCNP curriculum. Routing, which is basically advanced routing concepts extending everything you learned in your Cisco CCNA training to the next level. So will require several routers to complete most your lab. Switching, which also extends on what you learned in your CCNA training from a Cisco Switching perspective adding in new concepts such as Layer 3 switching and QoS to a greater degree. This area really gets into the nitty gritty of Cisco Switching and thus requires some of the higher end, more expensive switches, such as a 3550 or 3750, that are capable of Layer 3 switching.
Additionally in a perfect scenario, you will need multiple of these Cisco switches to complete your labs and really get the full experience of the topics. Finally we have troubleshooting which covers how to expand your current enterprise network to remote sites and teleworkers with a focus on configuring VPN client access and securing the remote access methods. Many of these concepts can be accomplished on the Cisco routers you purchased for routing, but the possibility of adding in a VPN concentrator or PIX firewall is nice, but not an absolute requirement if you are on a tight budget.
Much of this is applied to voice packets which is time sensitive packets that require QoS attention. In this module you will also be reviewing basic wireless security setups. So much of the QoS items will be exercised on the Cisco routers you purchased for the BSCI track and the Cisco switches you already purchased for the BCMSN track. So now you see that to a large degree, you will be able to use the equipment in the first two modules to support the concepts in the last two modules. We try to strike a balance between the amount of equipment, price of the equipment and labs that can be performed as most people do not have the budget to go out and spend $30,000 to cover every single concept that is presented in the Cisco CCNP curriculum. So that is what makes it so difficult to build a Cisco CCNP lab at a reasonable price./booktraining/


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